Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An eventful week

It's been an eventful week! On our way to Hydaburg, just as we cleared Tlevak Narrows, we got the announcement of the birth of our grand-niece, Lyla. She was born just about a half hour earlier, as we were transiting from Ulloa Channel through Tlevak Narrows on July 30. We are thrilled!

The next day, we partcipated in a totem raising in Hydaburg. Shawn help haul a totem across town for about a mile. It's an arduous journey. Part way through, little kids get to ride on top of the totem, adding to the total weight. These are the same totems we watched carvers work on a couple of weeks before. I took several videos of the whole process, which I'll upload with a faster connection in the Lower 48. The totem raisings were followed by a fabulous dinner and a night filled with traditional dances from Massett, Ketchikan, and Hydaburg. The whole day and evening was magical! Every time we visit Hydaburg, we meet wonderful people and we have a great time. Howaa!
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The starting point, in the carving shed.

Shawn, before he realizes how heavy this is gonna get.

The pole with kids on top.

Shawn pets a puppy on a quick rest stop along the way. People carry A-frame sawhorses along the march, so that the haulers can rest the pole (and themselves) at certain intervals.

Finally there!

Turning the pole over.

Raising the pole with ropes.

The end result.

Jessie Natkong (from Jeff and Cheryl's 2006 wedding in Pelican), and her dad. Really cool to run into then in Hydaburg!

Colorguard ceremony with Hydaburg war veterans, including Jessie and Rhodie's dad.

One of many dances.