Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day of Kings

Our second day of fishing was even better than the first. We caught enough kings and a few more coho to finish filling our fish holds. Not having enough hold space is a good rookie problem to have. The weather on the Gulf of Alaska was calm!

We offloaded our fish at Hole-in-the-Wall to a tender. The crew gave us some helpful tips about cleaning our catch.

The offload process is fascinating. Boats pull up to the tender on a first come, first served basis. It got a little hectic for us, because we lost our transmission just as we were trying to position ourselves to the tender. Fortunately we had our kicker motor to get us in there, and later to anchor. It was very rewarding to get our first paycheck for our catch!

The problem with the transmission was due to two bolts that attach the transmission to the shaft had sheared off. Fortunately Shawn was able to put it back together with some temporary bolts to get us back to town. That's why we're back in town earlier than expected. We've made the trip to the hardware store and now have plenty of replacement bolts. We had a similar problem with the bolts shearing two years ago. We think it may be due to the stress we put on them when we change gears. We know to keep an eye on it now. It cost us another day of fishing, but better safe than sorry. It's good it didn't happen while we were off Cape Addington!

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